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We couldn't wrap up 2009 without seeing it out JibJab style. Most of you have heard of JibJab by now. And it seems as though many people also know of JibJab's Facebook page. At the time of this post the JibJab Facebook page is sporting a robust 87,906 fans.

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Never a Year Like '09 is different from past JibJab movies because this time out they made most of it without computers. It was filmed using live action, finger puppets, stop animation - that is to say - cutouts, models and a camera - some of it frame by frame. That's right. JibJab went old school on this one, like a Terry Gilliam, animated, Monty Python sketch. And on the JibJab blog they take you behind the scenes. There you can dive into all the action - from the writing process to the storyboards, animatics and film making techniques.

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