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Michael Doret is an award-winning letterform artist and image designer. Michael is the creator of the Knicks logo, Fuddruckers logo, several Time magazine covers and a multitude of other great logos, letterforms and illustrations too numerous to mention on this blog. His client list is most artists' wish list, Major League Baseball, the NBA, Adidas, Nike, Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., the United States Postal Service, Columbia Records, Capitol Records, Playboy and more. You know his work. You've seen it everywhere. He's the real deal.

A while back I read an interview on the web with Michael Doret and I had to leave my comment, which was simply this, "Michael Doret is to typography what Jimi Hendrix was to the electric guitar - he’s in a league all his own. There’s typographers and then there’s Michael Doret. Inspirational Work!"


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