Facebook – Elliot Likes This – A Graphic Design Studio

Elliot is a graphic design studio based out of Canada – Montreal to be exact. Here’s a clever video from the studio meant to feature numerous reasons to love the city of Montreal. It seems like a relatively simple idea but it’s a whole lot of fun and well put together, and after you see the video you say to yourself – “Damn! Wish I thought of that!” The video is also proof that you don’t need a huge budget, just a great idea to produce excellent work. The follow up images are some examples of the studio’s really nice design work.

Funny thing is the video is a take on the “like” feature on Facebook. But do you think the studio’s Facebook page could be found anywhere?

Quick Update: Okay, everyone - just heard back from Elliot. They do have a page - lol. Well, that's why Illustration Pages is here - now you can find Elliot easier on Facebook.


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