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Kenny Scharf is an artist who has truly influenced and inspired many modern day cartoonists, animators, illustrators and painters. Kenny himself takes his primary inspiration from the space-age fantasy world of cartoons such as The Flinstones and The Jetsons. Kenny's painting style is energetic, colorful and playful. His gummy, jelly-like creatures set in fanciful, spaced-out backgrounds draw the viewer into a world that is both psychedelic and surreal. His paintings have displayed in The Whitney, The Guggenheim, and The Salvador Dali Museum, dating as far back as the early eighties.

Today Kenny Scharf is being sought after for an array of merchandise by a variety of clients. Most recently Kenny was commissioned by luxury Swiss watchmaker, Movado for their limited edition Artists' Series. Then there are the less conventional items Kenny's out of this world creations have appeared on, such as the 1986, B52s album, Bouncing Off The Satellites, or the Lance Armstrong, TREK art bike series and the totally unconventional, but not entirely surprising Object To Enjoy sculpture/bong creations.

Bongs, B52s and Bikes Oh Boy - it's none other than a true original - Kenny Scharf.

Check out the video below and see for yourself what an amazing, original free thinker Kenny Scharf is.


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