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So let's talk a little bit about Matt Hendon. Matt is a California illustrator who received his BFA from the Art Center College of Design. Matt's work is a type of narrative art. Each image tells a story - not something easily done in one illustration. Narrative art has been depicted by artists throughout time on numerous surfaces such as painted pots, carved stone, tapestries and cave walls using paint, thread or chisel. Matt's stories are told on many different surfaces using a variety of materials but assembled into one illustration.

We asked Matt how he constructs his composite illustrations and found out that they're not done in Photoshop. They're traditional mixed media pieces that incorporate everything from acrylic, pen and ink, collage to transfers. Scrap paper, boards and book covers lay the foundation for his illustrations on to which he will then begin to craft his work. Matt feels that there is something about a solid white piece of paper that's intimidating, whereas a distressed board that's been damaged already allows him to work freely without the fear of ruining the piece. Seeing how talented Matt is though - it's hard to imagine him feeling intimidated before beginning his illustrations.

Matt's influences are Mort Drucker, Neo Rauch, Barron Storey, Charley Harper and Thrust Holmes. He recently had a show at the Phone Booth Gallery with fellow artist and friend Joel Zuercher.


  1. http://www.redbubble.com/people/modkrew16

    You can purchase Matt's work at this site!


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