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Who's The Boss? Dare we say, Mike McCarey? Yes we do. Mike and his crew at Mike's Amazing Cakes truly do make the most amazing cakes you'll ever see. You won't believe that it's possible to create cakes like these. You're going to question whether or not you're looking at a cake when you see just about every photo on his site. The level of detail in these cakes is astonishing. It's true art - edible art.

What do you do with a guy like this - post every photo he has? Well, no, you go to his Facebook page, become a fan and tell him, "Holy Cow! You're work is insane!"

Interestingly enough, Mike draws great inspiration from a wide range of illustrators such as Alphonse Mucha, Norman Rockwell and James Christensen.

Oh and yes, it is "the" Mike McCarey you've seen on Food Networks' Challenge.


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