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If you think drawing in perspective is difficult try sculpting something so it's not in perspective. Confused? Don't be. Just have a look at the amazing work of sculptor Todji Kurtzman.

There's a technique in art known as "forced perspective". This is when the artist manipulates our perception of things to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. As Todji explains on his website, Michelangelo employed this technique on his masterpiece, David. The statue was originally intended to be placed on a church facade or high pedestal so David's torso, hands, shoulders, and head were enlarged to create the illusion of correct perspective when viewers looked up at it from below.

Todji's work has the opposite intent and it's simply mind-blowing. The lower portions of his subjects are enormous while the upper portions are much smaller. The results are some of the most unique and extraordinary sculptures you'll ever see. They must be awesome to experience in person.

The first thing you said when you saw these photos was, "Wow!"

Did you not?


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