Von Glitschka Walks Us Through His Illustration Process

On his blog, Art Backwash, Von Glitschka put together a video that walked his viewers through his illustration process on how he created his character above, TRI 3y3 Guy. We contacted Von about publishing the video and his artwork here on Illustration Pages and he gave us the thumbs up.

It's always a rare treat when an artist takes you through their creative process. Von's process here is very planned and controlled. In the video below he demonstrates how he meticulously calculates every detail, working back and forth between drawing board and computer.

As Von states in the video, this is how he prepares his artwork. Every artist works differently and there is of course no right or wrong way on how one arrives at a finished work of art - although some may dispute that statement. But in any case, here we're offered a glimpse into one artist's studio and we're going to accept that offer and take a peak.

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Von Glitschka is an illustrator and designer working out of Oregon. He is principal of Glitschka Studios, a multi-disciplinary creative firm. The studio shines as a "hired gun" for ad agencies, medium to large design firms, and in-house corporate art departments working on a diverse range of illustrative design projects. Von Glitschka has worked in the communication arts industry for over 23 years. His work reflects the symbiotic relationship between design and illustration.


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