Artist Aaron Jasinski on Facebook, The Future Has Arrived

The dreamlike paintings of Seattle artist Aaron Jasinski will transport you to another world - a world of amusement and melancholy - solace and discord - these depictions of fantasy, reality, - imagination.

The brushstrokes of Aaron's paintings create wonderful textures and patterns. His combination of colors yields art expressive and emotional, filled with captivating shapes and swirls of light and shadow.

Hopefully soon we'll see a lot of Aaron's extraordinary artwork on his Facebook page in the Photos tab. It would also be great to see an Events tab with information about upcoming exhibits he plans to participate in. The fans on his page are very passionate about his artwork - and with good reason. Let's give Aaron Jasinski more fans and see if we can encourage him to add a little more to his Facebook page.

Do you have any suggestions that you find to be working for you on your Facebook page?


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