Artist Dirk Dzimirsky Portrait Drawings, Fragile and Pure

The drawings of self-taught artist, Dirk Dzimirsky are astonishing. The level of detail in his portrait work is breathtaking, from the individuals hairs of his models' heads right down to the pores of their skin.

Everyday we're bombarded with images of models in print advertising that are airbrushed to the point where their skin looks like plastic. Dirk's portraits are realistic in every sense - a refreshing and welcoming truth. He doesn't try to hide his subjects imperfections. We're drawn close to his models, captivated by their portraits because of how Dirk presents them to us, with warmth and care. We relate to his models on a personal level. Dirk's portraits are a celebration of the real beauty visible on the face of every person.


Did you think these images were photographs when you first saw them?


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