Ben Powis Illustrations Found on Facebook and iTunes

Ben Powis' unique style has a Tim Burton type of atmosphere to it with similar Burton style hints of humor slipped in here and there. Ben has somehow managed to create illustrations that are spooky but yet inviting. Your actually drawn into Ben's illustrations - feeling more like a participant not merely a viewer.

Ben writes and illustrates awesome mobile graphic novels that you can download and read on your iPhone and iPod Touch. He currently has two available, Turtle Guitar is available free, and, Where Grows The Bitter Herb can be downloaded for as little as $0.99 on iTunes.

Not only will you want to fan Ben Powis' Facebook page. You'll to want to bookmark his website, Ben Powis Illustration and follow his blog, Lost in the Woods - just to keep up-to-date on his mobile graphic novels if for nothing else.

Have you downloaded his graphic novels yet? They're fantastic! What did you think about them?


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