Goncalo Viana Illustrations and Cartoons on Facebook

The playful, editorial illustrations of Goncalo Viana are brilliant. His illustrations are filled with color, texture, unique characters, geometric shapes and patterns. Goncalo Viana has a style all his own. He's created illustrations for The New York Times, HOW Magazine, T Rowe Price and many more.

Goncalo also sells prints of his illustrations. So you can have a few of these beauties framed and hanging in your studio or home.

Goncalo addresses a very important issue on his Facebook page - copyright issues. Since the inception of Facebook there have been numerous questions surrounding Facebook's copyright terms. A year ago Facebook addressed the issue with the article, On Facebook, People Own and Control Their Information. Now if after reading that article you're still unsure about posting your artwork directly on Facebook do as Goncolo does. His solution is simple and smart. When you post on your Facebook page link out to your personal site, blog or Flickr album. Most artists today seem to be comfortable creating photo albums of their work on Facebook and without incident. But remember, this is your artwork and in many cases your livelihood we're talking about here. You shouldn't post your work anywhere you don't feel comfortable. What do you think of Facebook's copyright terms? Are you comfortable with posting your artwork on Facebook? Have you run into problems or issues posting your artwork on Facebook?


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