Illustration Pages' Facebook Page, Recognized on the Escape From Illustration Island Website

Illustration Pages recently had the honor of being recognized by the Escape From Illustration Island website has having one of the Top 10 Facebook Pages for Illustrators.

Escape From Illustration Island is one amazing online resource. This site has so much valuable content for the illustration community you'll bookmark it and keep going back for more. Illustrator Thomas James built Escape From Illustration Island as an online community, a place where illustrators can ask questions, find answers and inspiration, read reviews, gather information, learn from tutorials and more. One of the many impressive features about the Escape From Illustration Island site are the professionally produced podcasts. Thomas recently wrapped up his twentieth podcast for the site with artist, Drew Struzan. These podcasts are so enlightening and compelling, you'll find yourself listening to them over an over again, waiting in anticipation for the next one.

The Escape From Illustration Island Facebook page is impressive also. Boasting a fan base of 1,182 EFII supporters, it too is rich with information. Thomas takes you right to his Welcome tab upon entering the page where he displays a large EFII banner, with large, bold copy underneath briefly explaining what EFII is about, and a "Become a Fan" button at the top just above the banner. He utilizes a Store tab to sell merchandise and a Reviews tab for readers to give reviews of the EFII site.

Thomas James is providing the creative community with a priceless tool through the Escape From Illustration Island website. The challenge of maintaining such a site is no small undertaking. It's great that everyone shows their appreciation by fanning his Facebook page and participating on his site. We wish Thomas much luck and continued success not only with the EFII site but also with his illustration career.


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