Inspiring Others Can Be Inspiring: My Exprerience As a Live Painter

Below is a photo of me live painting for the first time at a hip bar in Los Angeles, CA. What made me get out there in front of a bunch of strangers and expose my art process and mistakes? Was I foolishly confident? Maybe. Was I willing to take a risk? Definitely. I took the risk because for months I'd been watching my art buddy, John Park do the same thing. Every week, he painted at a bar in front of an audience.

Seeing how he did it gave me ideas of how to improve my art and new things to try. It also made me want to get out there and watch him every chance I could get. His unfailing effort seemed to boost my own efforts. His vibrant forms and fun subjects made me want to inject more fun into my art. In short, he inspired me.

If you watch the short video above, you'll see the beginning of the bizarre piece I started at the bar. But you won't see how people came up to me and complimented me, praised me or encouraged me to keep at it. One guy even wrote me a poem that was inspired by my art. I admit I was a little nervous to start with, but as more and more people came up to me and talked to me, I relaxed. I may have inspired some of them, but they, in turn, inspired me.

As you can guess, I highly recommend doing and seeing live painting. If you're fool hearty enough to put yourself "naked" (as one of my art friends calls it) out there, then you'll have the chance to absorb and interact with the audience who will soon be your fans. You'll inspire them and they'll inspire you. You've got nothing to lose----well, maybe not---good luck and happy painting to all.


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