The Leonardo da Vinci Inspired Grotesque Heads of Artist Jesse Payne on Facebook

If you’re familiar with the grotesque heads of Leonardo da Vinci then you know where the inspiration for these drawings originated. These grotesque heads are the creation of Savannah, Georgia artist, Jesse Payne. Unlike the gestural pen drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, Jesse’s drawings were created using various graphite pencils and offer far greater detail than the originals.

Jesse Payne’s creatures are truly disturbing to look at. Every hair, wrinkle, blister, and pore of their skin has been carefully considered and rendered with extreme detail. You can almost smell the stench of their hot, stale breadth and musty clothes. And there’s no background to these images. It gives the sense that these people could be standing anywhere, in a dark closet ready to pull you in as you open the door or behind you now as you read this post. Can you feel the tingling on the back of your neck?

Have a look at Jesse Payne’s Facebook page for other incredible drawings he has posted. There he has portraits that are literally melting off the page – a very interesting and unique concept.


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