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Have you recently updated your site with new creative? Do you have a book you wish to promote? Have you been featured in an industry book or magazine – been recognized with an industry award? Are you participating in a gallery event or show?

Share your news with the passionate, creative community of Illustration Pages by submitting your news to: submitnews@illustrationpages.com

How to Submit Your News

Please put the headline of your news in the Subject of your email. Example: John Smith Launches His New Website.

In the body of the email place your short news blurb (you must provide at least two sentences, no more than a paragraph, please). Also include a valid link. Your news cannot be posted if you don't provide this information.

Attach 2 images to your email. The full image along with its thumbnail. The thumbnail image should be a 100 x 100 pixels, RGB, jpeg format and must be under 15 k.

Your news submission will be reviewed, and if it meets all the requirements above and is a relevant news story for our creative community, it will be posted to the site. If you do not see your news posted on the site chances are it did not meet the requirements above.

Thank you and let’s continue to spread the word about you and your work through Illustration Pages.

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