Take A Walk in Italy & Find Inspiration from Ericailcane

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

Since I have a hyperactive, out-of-control brain, I have yet to run into artist block. But if it happens to me, I've gotten a lot of good advice from other artists. Many of them have said to just step away from whatever art you're doing. Just don't think about it for a while. They say go play with your kids. Talk to friends you haven't taken the time to see in a while. Or go out and eat a good meal. Taking a walk can also be a way of renewing the artistic mind.

And if you ever take a walk in Italy, you might come across street artist, Ericailcane's amazing art. Seeing it is sure to get you revved up and inspired to go back to working on art. Below are a few of examples of his work.

Unfortunately, his website is under construction at the writing of this post. But you can find a ton of his work just by looking up his name. Click on this link to see many more amazing examples of his art on paper, on the streets and in galleries.


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