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There’s almost no greater personal connection between artist and client than that of the tattoo artist and his patron. Think about the level of trust you must have in an artist’s abilities to commit to wearing their artwork permanently on your body.


Looking at the artwork of Arizona tattoo artist Jason Pedersen it’s easy to see how he has earned that trust with so many who have decided to make that commitment. Each of his pieces speaks to someone’s personal journeys through life, whether it’s through the whisper of a flower or the screams of a tormented skull ripping through the flesh. Jason’s ever expanding gallery travels the roads of Arizona on canvases as unique as the grains of sand which make up its Painted Desert. Jason Pedersen is an artist whose art helps people heal and move forward, mourn loss and celebrate life.


Jason is a classically trained artist with a degree in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.


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