A Winter’s Blast of Inspiration

Let me admit right here that I’m not a huge fan of winter. I didn’t mind it so much when I was younger, but now the colorless days feel lifeless to me – a difficult environment in which to find creative inspiration.

But find it I did, and in all things, it was during a snowstorm deemed a white-out (can we get anymore colorless than a “white-out”)? It was during the height of the storm that I was stopped in my tracks by how beautiful the world around me looked enveloped in snow. The familiar lines and objects of my neighborhood were now transformed, subdued, and sometimes hidden altogether, which allowed me to see my surroundings in a new light, a different perspective – the very launch point of creative inspiration.

It was lovely to see my world softened by a glimmery veil of snow, diffusing the formerly stark winter landscape into a cottony composition in white. The once bare branches of my plum tree were now flocked with snow, giving the appearance of feathery alabaster blooms billowing from its limbs. The bright crimson twigs of my red dogwood rose brilliantly from the snow, like cherry licorice whips you’d find in a candy store.

The wonderful thing about finding creative inspiration is that the opportunities for its discovery are infinite. I was delightfully surprised to find that a blustery snowstorm in the dreary season of winter was the catalyst I needed to find inspiration in things that have always been within my sight, but that I could now truly see.

How do you feel about the winter? Where do you look to find inspiration during these long winter months?

Article by LYDIA GNAU
Paintings courtesy of CELESTE BERGIN

In 1976 Celeste Bergin earned a degree in Graphic Design from Mt Hood College in Oregon. She also attended the Pacific Northwest College of Art. In 1978 Celeste began her 25 year career in graphic design and advertising, working for Robert Selby Design, Borders, Perrin, Norrander, Nike and Wieden and Kennedy.

In 2004
Celeste began painting full time - outdoors and directly from life. She has had workshops with Kitty Wallis, Kenn Backhaus, Robert Gamblin, Eric Jacobsen, Mitch Baird and Elio Camacho. Strongly influenced by Andy Warhol, Magritte and Wayne Thiebaud, her work incorporates an appreciation for the beauty of nature and her preference for bold expression. Celeste has exhibited her paintings in Galleries and non-profit arts organizations and also has work included in private collections throughout the United States.


  1. i am really hapy to see Celeste Bergin's paintings here as i am a huge fan of everything she does .
    wow! one brush stroke better than the other .
    and it is so good to read and discover more about her !!
    exellent post .
    thanks !

  2. This artist, Celeste Bergin is amazing. Her paintings are an inspiration!
    I feel as though I am haveing a personal conversation each time I view her work.
    She introduces us to new things. This is the first time I've seen these paintings, and I have to say...I am a fan of Celeste Bergin!!!

  3. Beautiful paintings. Aren't they? A perfect fit. Keep coming back guys you never know what wonderful artwork you'll see here on the site.


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