Enter The Land of Erinaceous Illustration on Facebook

If you threw Heinz Edelmann's kaleidoscopic characters into the cosmic, psychedelia of Alton Kelley's world, and crashed it into the world of artist Klaus Voorman, the result would probably be the whimsical, morphing, twisting, textured land of illustrator Erin Klauk - phenomenal.

Erin Klauk is a freelance illustrator living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Each of Erin's posters take us on a journey through spinning, hand drawn type, curving lines and intense colors that move with the same rhythm as the music they promote.

What a pleasure it is to see such a talented illustrator working today creating original, stylized, hand drawn artwork that in all likelihood has been influenced by many of the great artists of the past.


  1. What a spectacular spectacle of spectacular illustration work.


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