Facebook Page Apps - Spice Up Your Social Marketing Experience

Article by LOU SIMEONE

Need some spice on your Facebook page? Involver.com might have just what you've been looking for. Simply put, involver.com offers a suite of social marketing applications that enable you to share your content from Twiiter, YouTube, Flickr and more, directly from your Facebook page. The site offers a suite of applications at three different price points, Free, Pro and Premium, depending on your individual needs.

I feel it's important to note two things in this article. The first one is, Illustration Pages is in no way affiliated with nor do we receive any money for referencing the involver.com website. The second is, this article by itself is not intended to be a review of the site or its apps. It would be more beneficial to everyone to have many different reviews rather than just one. So what I'd like to accomplish here is to bring the site to your attention and if anyone chooses to download and install one of the apps to their Facebook page, please come back to Illustration Pages and let the rest of us know how it worked out for you. Your comments will be the actual review of involver.com and its apps. Which one did you decide to install? Was the app easy to install? Was the app buggy - did you get a lot of errors? Is the app just what you've been looking for to spice up your page? Let us know.

Remember, try not to over do it with the apps on your Facebook page. It's very easy to get carried away. A Facebook page with too many apps is like a blog with too many widgets or gadgets.Too many apps will effect your page's download time and will also overwhelm the user visiting your page. Keep it simple but keep it interesting.


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