The Fine Art Painting of Becky Joy on Facebook

The bold, purposeful brushstrokes of Arizona artist, Becky Joy seamlessly meld together to create calming scenes of nature and skillfully rendered still life paintings.

One of the fascinating things about Becky's still life paintings is that there's nothing "still" about them. Her energetic brushstrokes display a strong sense of movement that leads the viewer's eye throughout the canvas. This is also true of Becky's landscapes. Rich layers of paint and an expressive style give each of Becky's paintings depth and texture.

Light breaking through trees or reflections off the water, and shadow filled rock crevasses, are all carefully considered details and just as much a part of the subject matter as the full landscapes themselves.

The unyielding beauty of Becky Joy's paintings coupled with the number of paintings to choose from, made selecting a few for this feature an almost impossible task.


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