Artist Michael Orwick Makes a Lasting Impression

The atmospheric quality of Michael Orwick's paintings are so captivating you feel as though you can step right into his canvases.


In a traditional Impressionistic style Michael skillfully captures the complexities of light and shadow, creating scenes that are inviting, peaceful and serene. Michael Orwick's paintings bundle you like a protective blanket. It's as if he's holding out his hand to lead his viewers into a world of warmth and beauty.


In his painting above, A Far Off Singing (The Walk Home), you feel the urge to run across the beautifully rendered stone bridge, where light and shadow dance so gracefully, to meet up with the woman with the orange umbrella on the other side. How wonderful it would be to continue the journey singing alongside her in the countryside Michael has created. He's inviting you to do this. It's absolutely incredible how his paintings draw you in with the beginning of a story welcoming you to play out the rest.


  1. Thank you so much for the write up and all the kind words. all the best, Michael Orwick

  2. Your work is beautiful, Michael. It was our pleasure.


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