Graphic Designer and Illustrator Janet Allinger Displays Her Art on Facebook

California artist, Janet Allinger has been inspiring young graphic designers and illustrators for years with her amazing artwork and designs. Janet’s graphic design work is executed flawlessly and her brilliant sense of humor shines through in her uniquely stylized illustrations.

The hands of this skilled artist are in just about everything, from website design to business card design – from logos to stickers to pattern designs – digital painting to acrylic painting. It takes exceptional talent to be able to move between the two disciplines of graphic design and illustration and execute various design and illustration projects with such a high degree of success.

In addition to fanning Janet’s Facebook page to stay on top of the new creative coming out of her studio, you’ll also want to follow Janet’s graphic design and illustration blog. Her wonderfully informative blog which covers all her latest work also includes some of her really cool photography.

Janet is a real world, down to earth artist that every graphic designer and illustrator can relate to. Her clients include construction companies, restaurants and other local, small businesses. Her designs and illustrations for these companies are sophisticated when they need to be, informative when required to be and humorous when she wants them to be, but most importantly, always imaginative – always professional.


  1. Thanks Lou, made my day! Janet

  2. These are fun, I like your style Janet!

  3. Love the fun, light hearted style!

  4. GoGirlzzz Loves Janet. Hooray!

  5. Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing loves Janet too!

  6. Glad to hear - Janet. Looks like you have a few fans - not surprising. Love your work - can't wait to see more.


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