Graphic Designer And Illustrator Carlton Hibbert's Patterns for Colouring on Facebook

The website, Patterns for Colouring is a joyful discovery made through our very own Illustration Pages Facebook page. Carlton Hibbert, the artist behind Patterns for Colouring, recently posted a link to the site on our FB page, and – the rest – as they say – is history.

On his coloring pages website, Carlton offers numerous categories of patterns such as abstract, organic, letters, stars and many more. And as if downloading the patterns Carlton creates isn’t enough fun, you can download patterns to color that have been submitted by other artists. You can even submit your own. The single download coloring page patterns Carlton offers are free. In addition, he sells 20 page booklets of patterns for a minimal fee.

Carlton Hibbert is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Bath, South West England. He has twelve years of experience in the design industry having worked on books, multimedia, music and magazines. His resume includes Dorling Kindersley, EMI, John Brown Publishing, Anness Publishing, Specialist Publications and Future. Carlton has also commissioned many of the leading illustrators and photographers in the graphics industry.

If you love to color then grab your crayons and color pencils and head on over to the Patterns for Colouring site to start having loads of fun. Choose a pattern you like, download it, print it out and start coloring.

And to stay up to date on all of Carlton’s new patterns for coloring, well you know what to do with the link below.


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