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Danielle McManus works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer in New York. She enjoys exploring a variety of medium when creating her illustrations such as watercolor, pen and ink, crayon and oil paint.

Danielle loves to sketch, draw, and paint the world around her. Documenting trips to Canada, museums in New York and visits to the Mystic Seaport in Connecticut, Danielle is an artist who opens her sketchbook and invites us to experience her world one page at a time. And captured within Danielle's drawings and paintings is a passion for the arts and a zest for life.

The expressive brushstrokes, energetic lines and interesting compositions of Danielle's artwork balance on a thread between the abstract and the real. Hard lined architecture and free flowing forms of mingling people and shapes of nature harmoniously coexist, one complimenting the other, in the complex compositions of Danielle McManus. Let's keep our eyes on this young artist who possesses a natural gift for storytelling through spirited yet thoughtful depictions of everyday life.


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