Illustrator Steph Baxter Says Hello on Facebook

The feel good illustrations of Steph Baxter will certainly help you kick those Monday blues. Let's start the week off with some happiness and let's serve it up Steph Baxter style - with hand drawn lettering, silly characters and fabulous paper cut scenes.

A recent graduate of Leeds College of Art and Design, Steph is an illustrator out on her own, working in a little town just outside of the city of Leeds in the UK.

There are so many of Steph's delightful illustrations to look at, you really have to see more for yourself.


  1. These are great! I especially love the one that says "I eat children". I'm a primary school teacher it would be so cool to wear that as a t-shirt to school and freak the kids out. My kids would probably think it was awesome too hehe :)

  2. That one stood out for me too, Kirsten. My daughter would think that one in particular is very cool also.


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