Michael Paulus Cartoon Skeletal Systems on Etsy

Michael Paulus is currently offering more affordable versions of a select few of his popular cartoon skeletal systems in an entirely different format. Taken from his original 'flip-top' interactive pieces with the cartoon characters as an overlay; these are solely the skeletal elements but re-drawn, notably larger, and more detailed than the originals

Michael's skeletal drawings have been used as reference material from grade school classrooms to grad school PowerPoint lectures in medicine and forensics, and have been featured in publications such as Discover, Cabinet, and Pig magazines, Virgin Atlantic's Carlos, and various other international newspapers and magazines.

Amazingly, these drawings match seamlessly to the cartoon characters they are based on.


  1. These are awesome! What a unique idea - I recognied Betty Boop from the skeleton before I even looked at the name.

  2. Great idea, wonderfully executed!

  3. They really are original. Aren't they? And truly amazing that the original cartoon character overlays perfectly onto its skeletal frame. Awesome!


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