My Favorite Artist Series: Illustrator Laura Smith Describes The Work of Her Favorite Artist

We all have a favorite artist, someone who inspires us or influences our work in some way, whether well known or otherwise. Most of us have several artists we admire for one reason or another. But who inspires the artists that inspire us?

In our new series, My Favorite Artist, we ask accomplished, well respected artists working today, the people we admire, who their favorite artists are and why. Although it may be a difficult task, we asked that they choose only one artist. The first artist we approached in our new series is illustrator, Laura Smith. Laura told us about the artist she finds to be the most inspirational and explained why.

Laurie Rosenwald is truly inspiring in the way she approaches design and illustration. The work feels simple, honest and sophisticated all at once. She makes it all look so easy.
Like Picasso, Laurie has managed to beautifully convey a thought with a few squiggles of a pen or with a blob of color from a brush. She's invented a way to teach others to free themselves from traditional conventions and methods of approaching art and design, in part by working backwards and relying more on intuition. For Laurie, the answers occasionally lie in the mistakes she makes. For me these "mistakes" are no accident—they belie the real beauty in magnificent imperfection.

About Illustrator Laura Smith
Laura Smith grew up on the beaches of Southern California—Manhattan Beach to be exact. A graduate of Art Center College of Design, she moved to New York and 13 years later she moved back to Southern California dragging her New York born and raised husband with her. Now in Hollywood, she and her husband (Michael Doret) occasionally team up on various projects.

Laura's inspiration has been the work of artists and designers from the first half of the 20th Century. Economy in imagery and design have always been the motivating forces behind her art. She's worked with a wide array of national and international clients including Mercedez Benz, Ferrari, New York Knicks, Kentucky Derby, and Time Magazine, to name just a few.


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