Necessity Is the Mother of Inspiration

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

In a magazine, I read about an artist who soaked Cheetos in a cup of water to get the orange dye to make a watercolor painting. He had nothing else in his hotel room in the middle of the night with which to make an impromptu painting. In other words, out of his necessity, he invented something. When I hear stories like that, I think that necessity can actually be very inspiring.

I know I've been in a jam before, haven't been able to hit the art supply store and I've rummaged around in my apartment to find another solution. I invent something and end up making something really unique. It's just junk until it's reinvented.

That's what artist Sayaka Ganz is doing with junk. She will only use discarded items to make her amazing sculptures. At first glance, they look like they've been created with lasers and slick new technological materials---like something out of a sci-fi movie. But take a closer look and you'll see the separate components she pieced together to create these new, animated creatures. They have plastic sporks as ears, spoons as cheeks and other collected junk for their guts.

Take a good look at her work and tell me you aren't inspired. I dare you! Betcha next time you're about to throw away plastic tableware, you'll want to use it to paint or who knows what?! Happy reinventing!


  1. All I can say is WOW. Wow, wow wow!

  2. These blew me away also - especially the birds - so much movement.


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