The Power of Ink on Paper: Ernesto Caivano's Art

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

I've been practicing making drawings with just brown ink on white paper. The results have pleasantly surprised me. But I really needed some inspiration to see if I'm going in the right direction. If I can find a master in whatever I'm working on, it keeps pushing me to the outer limits. I found that inspiration and master of ink in Ernesto Caivano.

His ink drawings are so fluid and perfect. There is something old and timeless about it. I think of ancient etchings, yet they are completely contemporary and new. He was born in Madrid and now works in New York City. He is about to open a solo show at Richard Heller Gallery in Los Angeles that will start March 20, 2010.

Here are a few of his newest pieces. Since I'm just down the street from this gallery, I will have to go check out this master's incredible art. You can learn more about him and see more of his art by clicking on this link


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