Stephanie Orma - She's SO Creative On Etsy

She's SO Creative is chock full of clever greeting cards, art prints, and other witty goodies established by San Francisco, "Chief Clever Creator" Stephanie Orma (the S.O. in She's SO Creative).

Stephanie Orma is a Creative Marketing Communications Specialist and San Francisco freelance writer. In a nutshell, she writes, designs, illustrates, and spreads the buzz. With experience as a marketing account manager for Fortune 500 accounts, Stephanie’s visual and editorial creativity is solidly backed by a strong marketing foundation. Her work has been featured by Time Out NY, Daily Candy, 7×7 SF Magazine, Marin Magazine, as well as a plethora of newspapers and popular blogs.

When she's not writing, designing, or spreading the buzz through her studio, Orma Design & Communications, Stephanie loves playing with witty words and winsome images and seeing just how far she can stretch the literal to hilarious limits. Her witty paper products are sold in hundreds of the best card and gift boutiques throughout the United States. She's SO Creative has been variously described as "a little whimsy, some snark, some cool, irreverent, witty and sans corn."

Stephanie is a contributing writer for HOW Magazine, Smashing Magazine, the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), and writes on graphic design, branding, and creativity for the San Francisco Examiner.


  1. I love the first one but all of them are great and make me laugh. It is always nice to see a little bit of creative humor in designs. Keep up the good work!

    Heather K

  2. I agree, Heather, I enjoy all of Stephanie's designs also - the first two especially made me chuckle.


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