Gwen’s Art: Changing The World With Art

Gwen is a seven year old girl with a big box of crayons, a big stack of paper, a big imagination and an even bigger heart. You see, Gwen, along with her loving group of little friends, is trying to make the world a better place through art. By selling their beautiful, original works of art on Gwen’s website, gwenart.com, they’re trying to help the Glasgow family, a family who lost a devoted wife and loving mother to melanoma cancer.

The following excerpt from the OJC Technologies website setup on the Glasgow’s behalf, further explains the family’s current situation.

Our friend Stephen Glasgow and his family are going through a tremendous time, and they need our support. Dawn Glasgow, a gutsy, smart, passionate woman, wife, and mother of 3 week old Andrew Gene and 2 1/2 year old Gwynna, passed away February 9th.

Dawn was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma cancer 3 short weeks ago.

Stephen is a self-employed graphic designer. He will need as much support as we can provide. As friends of the Glasgows, we have put together this site so that you can offer financial and emotional support to the family.

Please donate what you can to help pay for medical and household needs. We've established a Paypal account that will deposit your donation directly into the Glasgow's checking account. On behalf of the family, we thank you so much for your kindness, prayers and love.

Gwen's father explains that the original goal of gwenart.com was to give Gwen a sense of purpose, a notion that she has the ability to make a difference in the world. Gwen’s first effort for a charity auction was in December, 2009, when she created a set of 11 color pencil drawings of cottages for the homeless. Helping the Glasgow family is Gwen's latest charitable endeavor setup through her website and she is asking that you purchase one of the original drawings she and her friends created. The drawings are available for a minimum donation of $3, plus whatever amount you would like to give on top of that.

Please show your support for the Glasgow family and Gwen’s admirable efforts by purchasing her beautiful artwork and fanning her Facebook page. Spread the word to get others involved by inviting all of your Facebook friends to join her page, or sending out a Tweet to purchase her artwork and make a donation.

Soon Gwen and her friends will be offering prints and small booklets of their drawings for sale online. The money generated from the sales of those items will also be going to help the Glasgow family. We'll keep you updated on those when they become available on her site.

What is the true meaning of art if not to spread love, joy and happiness and to help those in need? At seven years old, Gwen seems to understand that perfectly.


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