It's Never Too Late To Become a Master Artist!

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

I always wondered if I had missed the boat by not starting my art career sooner. I have been drawing all my life, but never took it seriously until my mid-twenties. Now, as a thirty-something woman, I wonder if I'll become the master artist who I want to be. I struggle, I take classes, I read books, I experiment. I think about all those artists like Picasso who were adroit at their craft in their early twenties. But I forgot about those other artists who don't make their masterpieces until they are old men like Cezanne.

An article by New Yorker writer and author of "Blink", Malcolm Gladwell, reminded me that mastery can come at different ages. Depending on personality and artistic temperment, an artist may or may not know his or her goal. Where one artist has a clear idea of the end result, another may have only a vague picture in his or her head. According to this inspiring article, the latter is the kind who will experiment, struggle and make his or her masterpieces at an older age. That's what happened with Cezanne.

After reading the article, I was inspired and full of energy. It made me realize that it's never too late to become a master artist. Sticking to it, even when it seems it's not working, and finding a strong support group through all those trial and errors is the key to success.

If you too would like to get that burst of energy from the whole article, click here. It's called "Late Bloomers". It's well worth the read, especially if you're a late bloomer like me.


  1. I read that article in the New Yorker too. And you're right; it's never too late. Thanks for the reminder (the article is definitely worth reading & re-reading) and for a nice blog post. And keep on keeping on!!

  2. Thanks, Dana. Yeah, great article, eh?


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