Katrina Kopeloff, Illustrations and Penguins on Facebook

Artist Katrina Kopeloff’s illustrations are so wonderfully unique. Her detailed line work gives each piece a sense of movement and her limited use of color methodically directs the viewer’s eye throughout.

Her illustrations convey a sense of warmth somehow similar to those of illustrator Ernest H. Shepard. It must be the obvious care and devotion that goes into every stroke of Katrina’s pen and the feeling of contentment that floods your soul upon viewing the heartwarming world she has created once those many pen strokes converge onto paper.

All of Katrina’s artwork is created using pen and ink. All her inking is done traditionally with a crow quill nib pen. Some pieces are colored digitally, and others she uses colored inks with a bit of watercolor.

Some of Katrina’s inspirations are folk art, 18th century wood engravings, Edward Gorey, and a lot of comic artists like Julie Doucet. But she is mostly fascinated by nature, animals, plants and patterns. Her favorite animal is the penguin.


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