The Moist and Delicious Artwork and Illustrations of Jason Freeny on Facebook

Remember when we recently featured the incredible skeletal systems of Michael Paulus back in March? Michael’s work took us inside the bodies of Hello Kitty and Snoopy – literally. Today we’re featuring the amazing work of illustrator Jason Freeny.

Did you ever wonder what the inside of Gummibär looks like? How about a balloon dog sculpture or a vinyl toy? On his website, Moist Production, Jason takes us inside these creatures and others with his astonishingly detailed illustration work.

Look further through his portfolio and find these illustrations are part of a larger collection of extremely imaginative works of art. You won't believe your eyes.

Much like his digital art, Jason’s graphite work will blow your mind - maybe even more so. While the influence here might be Escher, the style and unique subject matter is all Jason Freeny. This guy is so talented, if you’re another artist, his work will hit you over the head repeatedly like a ball peen hammer and make you hate him for it – and then you'll have to admit that you love him. You might even weep a little. Who knows? But don't get too emotional.

Seriously, the intricate details of Jason’s work combined with its playfulness and his wild imagination make for one fascinating collection of art. Keep your eye on this guy.

Why doesn’t this talented artist have five thousand fans on his Facebook page? Why are you sitting there with drool hanging out of the corner of your mouth? Go fan his Facebook page!


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