Sean Christian Dampier's Powerful Illustrations on Facebook

The artwork of Sean Christian Dampier is absolutely beautiful. You might be familiar with one or two of his subjects, Lady Gaga or some fella named Mick Jagger. Sean’s paintings are bathed in rich colors, exploding with movement and spattered with texture throughout. His work has a Ralph Steadman energy in the way he applies paint to paper but Sean has full command of his own distinctive style which is very different than Steadman’s. Sean is a very talented artist, skilled at creating images of people filled with depth and emotion.

Sean creates his striking artwork with watercolor, gouache, pencil and Photoshop. There’s a recent article on his illustration blog in which he explains his process. It’s definitely worth reading.

His online store has yet to open but when it does – look out! This guy will make a fortune selling his artwork. And don’t be surprised if you see his store featured on Illustration Pages at a later date.

Facebook will only allow you to “Like” Sean’s work but here at Illustration Pages you can love it and still be a fan too.


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