Unhinge Your Mind With Illustrator C. Matthew Hamby on Facebook

It’s great to come across artwork that makes you say out loud, “Wow, this is really cool.” It happens so many times here at Illustration Pages and that’s exactly what happened again when Illustrator, C. Matthew Hamby’s art popped up on the screen. Fun meets fright in Matthew’s illustrations and once you’ve seen his work, you might never be the same again. His illustrations are filled with outrageous characters doing some pretty wicked and unpredictable things in whacked out situations.

Have you see Matthew’s artwork in person? The colors appear so vibrant on screen. They must blast off the paper at his shows.

Matthew is doing it right, apparent by the four hundred twenty people that like his work over at his Facebook page. That’s right - it’s like Neutra’s mind crashed into Crumb’s pen and exploded into Hamby’s world of fantastic art.


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