Announcing The Illustration Pages Poster Available For Free to Download and Print

Today I’m extremely happy to announce that illustrator Erin Klauk has completed work on an original Illustration Pages poster. This beautiful poster is available to download free, right here at Illustration Pages. Since it began in December of 2009, the Illustration Pages community has grown considerably. To show my appreciation for everyone’s support and participation I collaborated with the amazing illustrator, Erin Klauk. Together we bring you this magnificent poster that you can download, print and hang in your studio, cubicle, office, on campus, on telephone poles - hang it anywhere and everywhere.

Erin creates such awesome posters that after featuring her work on the Illustration Pages site back in March, I knew I had to have a poster for the IP site.

To download the poster click one of the two links below. One file is setup as a standard 8.5 x 11 so you can simply download it and print it out. The other link is setup as 11x 14 which you can print to tabloid paper and trim it to the edges if you wish to have a larger size poster. Both posters are high resolution PDFs for the best quality print output so depending on your connection speed they might take a couple of minutes to download.

I already have my poster framed and hanging in my studio. Thank you everyone and enjoy the poster. Here’s to continued success in the future.

Lou Simeone
Illustration Pages
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About Erin Klauk:
A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Erin Klauk moved to NYC in 2002 to study illustration at Pratt Institute, where she received her BFA in 2004. She went on to receive an MA in illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2009. Her clients include Arthur Magazine, Crawlspace Magazine, The Boston Historical Neighborhoods Society, SBRA Architects, Gerard & Sarzin Publishing, Mark, and L’OrĂ©al Paris. She creates gig posters, album artwork and music merchandise for a number of local bands such as Traveling Circle, Heavy Hands, Sorceress, Whooping Crane, Anorak, The Actual Facts and The Broken Reed Saxophone Quartet.

To see more of illustrator Erin Klauk's work visit her blog, Erinaceous Illustration, The Art and Design of Erin Klauk.


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