Get Inspiration Where It's Manufactured: ICON 6

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

Are you an illustrator or a commercial artists? Do you want to meet other illustrators and commercial artists? Do you want to get more work and meet the art directors who are hiring illustrators? Do you hope to learn more about how best to market your work? Maybe, you're thinking of branching out into the gallery and fine art world? Well if you've answered yes to at least one of these questions, I suggest you head over to this year's Illustration Conference a.k.a. ICON 6.

It will give you the opportunity to do all of those things above and more. There are many speakers and art directors and people who are in the know in one spot. This year it takes place in my backyard, Pasadena, California or the greater Los Angeles area for those who aren't familiar. I dare say this is where inspiration will be manufactured. And the manufacturing starts July 14-17, 2010. So get registered ASAP!


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