Illustrator Wilmer Murillo on Facebook

The illustration work that Wilmer Murillo creates is fascinating and deeply touching. The subjects in his art seem so gentle and timid. In some of his work their worlds appear ominous and abandoned, others make you smile. The numerous emotions captured in the characters and environments of Wilmer’s art make for one absorbing collection of images and you’ll certainly come away with a favorite – or two.

Wilmer Murillo is an emerging young illustrator from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. As a child he grew up in a creative environment drawing imaginative creatures and making puppets.

Wilmer started off as a graphic designer in 2005 but quickly realized that illustration was how he wanted to earn his living. So now he has devoted his life to his illustration work, creating art that has appeared in both local and international publications.

Wilmer Murillo’s talent cannot be denied. And like all the artists on this site, choosing just a few of his illustrations to display was not an easy undertaking.


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  2. really great illustrations! i love the bright individual style and warm colours... great characters as well!

  3. Absolutely, Daria. The characters are what really drew me in when I first saw Wilmer's illustrations. His style is fantastic.


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