Isolated? Find Inspiration at "Escape From Illustration Island"!

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

As illustrators, we don't get out much. The few and lucky among us have a studio with studio mates who become our buddies, our confidants, and supporters or critiques. So if we're not lucky, where do we find these other art buddies or how do we even find time to hang out with them? Well, never fear, "Escape From Illustration Island" (EFII) is here!

Illustrator & writer, Thomas James wanted to tackle this isolation problem, so he created EFII. It's a blog, and a podcast that tries to break down these barriers and provide resources and useful content to illustrators.

Right now, he has about a year's worth of podcasts you could listen to while you're drawing and painting for your clients. Some of the subjects include interviews with illustration stars like John Hendrix, and art directors who hire illustrators like Stephanie Glaros. He also discusses style, art representation, and promotion among many more fun and useful discussions. Check it out and get inspired!


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