Keep Your Two Eyes On 2hands: Andrew Tunney On Facebook

Have you ever had a face full of road rash, picking gravel out of your grill after bailing face-first trying to grind a rail? Okay, well most of us probably haven't but we won't let that stop us from checking out the amazing artwork of UK artist Andrew Tunney, a.k.a. 2hands.

2hands is a name Andrew acquired due to the fact that he draws with both hands at the same time. Sound a bit unconventional? It would seem as though Andrew revels in the unconventional. And maybe you will too after seeing his fantastic designs and illustrations.

Andrew describes his work as youth focused, street driven with an eye for couture. Inspired by comics, animation and film, he believes in the power of stories, characters and alternative cultures.

Pull yourself out of the humdrum safety net of the ordinary and reach out for the hands of Andrew Tunney.


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