Mark McGuinness of Lateral Action Interviews Steven Pressfield About The War of Art

 The War of Art is a book of motivation and inspiration written by the best-selling novelist Steven Pressfield. The purpose of this remarkable book is to inspire writers, artists, musicians and any individual seeking to combat the negative effects of “Resistance” and channel their creative energy to attain “the unlived life within”. In this book Pressfield recognizes that it’s this “Resistance” that prevents us from achieving any type of goal whether it’s to embark on a diet, a program of spiritual advancement or an entrepreneurial venture. He identifies the struggles of the creative individual in today’s society and offers wisdom drawn from his many years’ experience as a writer to help one live out his or her destiny.

Mark McGuinness of Lateral Action recently had the opportunity to interview Steven Pressfield about The War of Art. Among some of the things discussed during the interview are overcoming "Resistance", the digital publishing revolution, distractions of the web and social media and what it all means for writers and artists.

Please take this opportunity to read Mark McGuinness’ complete interview with Steven Pressfield and perhaps also take some time to explore more of the web publication, Lateral Action.

Click here to read the interview.


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