My Favorite Artist Series With Exhibiting Studio Artist and Illustrator Cathie Bleck

Our next artist in this series says that when she was a girl, she fell in love with darkness. What a powerful statement and an excellent description of her work. Certainly you’re familiar with the work of illustrator and fine artist Cathie Bleck. Cathie further describes her work as an observation and recording of the world in close detail, orchestrating the balance between opposing forces: light, dark; intimate, huge; static, moving.

Milton Glaser says of Bleck’s work, “The relationship of dark and light is the recurring theme in life and art. Cathie Bleck’s work embraces this theme and demonstrates the nature of this conversation in an elegant and expressive way.”

Let’s find out who inspires the exceptionally talented Cathie Bleck.

Artist Irene Hardwicke Olivieri has been a great source of inspiration for me since discovering her work at ACA galleries in 2006. Her art is deeply personal and a seductive response to the lures of nature and a personal conviction dedicated to preserving nature through narrative stories that weave text and imagery into natural surroundings.

Irene's sensual female figures, often autobiographical, co-mingle with animals or personal iconography, layering intricate and labored narratives describing relationships, the human condition or exchanges with nature. Her artwork is more like a journey through a tapestry; a novel of images that one cannot put down, impregnating one's memory with the message forever. I want to thank Irene for opening my eyes even wider to possibilities and encouraging me to let go.

Irene has opened a much anticipated show on May 1st, in New York City at ACA galleries and has not had a show for a while. That's one of the reasons why it's a very anticipated event. I cannot wait to be inspired by her new works.

About Exhibiting Studio Artist and Illustrator Cathie Bleck

Cathie Bleck residing in Cleveland Heights, Ohio for the past twenty years started her successful career as an artist in Chicago, where she was raised as one of nine children in a family of artists on her grandfather's tree farm. She graduated from University of Illinois after studying painting and design.

Subsequent moves brought her to New York City, San Francisco, Dallas and England. Cathie worked as a successful, internationally respected illustrator prior to the publishing of a monograph of her artwork called “Open Spaces” in 2006, which quickly launched her career into the gallery world.

Since that time Cathie has been focusing a great deal of time and attention toward her personal studio art. Two museum shows followed in 2008 - the first a retrospective at The New Britain Museum of American Art in Conneticut which ran four months and then a body of new large works (48" x 60") at The Butler Institute of American Art in Ohio which ran for two and a half months in the fall of that year. Following in 2009 was a show at Meta Gallery in Toronto and Billy Shire Fine Arts in LA. Currently, Cathie is working on a new body of work and selectively accepting illustration assignments.

Cathie's upcoming group shows:

June, 2010: "Earth Show: Fragile Planet" Society of Illustrators, NY

July, 2010: Sea Shepherd Art Show, CA

September, 2010: Cathie was recently invited to participate in “8-Hour Projects,” an annual event with approximately a dozen artists working in the Bowman and Penelec Galleries at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania.


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