An Unlikely But Satifying Pairing: Josh Graham's Video

Contributed by Melissa Kojima.

Below is an interview with Josh Graham about his video, "Six Witnesses To A Dying Star", which he created for Scion Space's Installation 6: Video Art Tour. In it, he pairs dilapidated houses with dying stars. He said he did it because he wanted to imagine what it would be like when the sun died and there was no person around to witness the paradoxical beauty of its death.

I thought this was an unlikely pair. It's like drinking some wine and eating a fig with it and not expecting it to be such a perfect combination. Or it makes me think of all those strange chocolate bars which add bacon or tortillas to it and it sounds disgusting, but it actually is delightful when you try it. Isn't that inspiring to bring together unlikely things in order to further accent their beauty and flavor? Isn't what Josh Graham doing a sort of visual metaphor? And isn't visual metaphor the secret to creativity?

I'd say yes to all. Hope you find this pairing as satisfying as I did and I hope you'll come up with your own unlikely pairings.

Scion Installation 6: Video - Josh Graham Interview from Scion ART on Vimeo.


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