X Marks The Spot On Illustrator Jennifer Thermes' Imagekind Store

Illustrator Jennifer Thermes creates whimsical illustrated maps for various clients, such as Westchester Magazine, Mobile Travel guide, Wisconsin Trails, The Wall Street Journal and others. Through pens, paints and paper, Jennifer has traveled the globe.

Jennifer is also a children’s book author and illustrator. She has written and illustrated two well received children’s books. When I Was Built is a story of an old 18th-century house which is given a voice and persona to remember how people lived when it was first built, compared to life for the people who live in it today. And Sam Bennett’s New Shoes, is about a boy growing up on a farm in colonial times, who learns about the tradition of hiding old shoes in the walls of his family’s house to bring good luck, and eventually passes on the tradition to his own child.

Prints of the charming illustrations above, along with a selection of Jennifer's beautifully illustrated maps and other illustrations can be purchased online at her imagekind store.


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