Angelica Paige: The Boldness of Printmaking and Relief from the Computer

Printmaking is such a powerful form of art. Where else is this more evident than in the work of the great masters during the German Expressionism period of the early 1900s? Artists such as Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Emil Nolde, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and Max Pechstein could pour their souls into woodcut prints by utilizing simple shapes, abstract patterns and the intense contrast of black and white forms. Art such as Nolde’s Prophet is perfect in its simplicity.

Today artist Angelica Paige continues this age old craft of printmaking in her own artwork with a modern day flair. And in contrast to the morose and dismal mood of the German Expressionist artists, Angelica brings a welcoming sense of humor to some of her prints, while her other prints and paintings prove there is a serious, conceptual side to the artist. This side yearns to communicate a social message or speak about a story of love.

Angelica recently started her blog, Hot Frog Legs, where she documents and displays her sketches. And like most of us artists she’s hoping her blog can also serve as a vehicle to connect with other artists in the creative community. Angelica, let’s not forget about a Facebook page too?

Angelica maintains an Etsy Store but most of her beautiful prints and paintings can be purchased under the portfolio section of her website - which is where the link below will take you.


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