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What do you get when you combine four super talented illustrators into one site? You get a little something called the Paperfox Press. The Paperfox Press collaborative features four exciting young illustrators from the UK. Formed in 2010, Paperfox brings you news and updates on the innovative work of Aaron Miller, Matt Taylor, Ben Mounsey and Robin Boyden, as well provides a shop to buy your favorite prints.

Aaron Miller is a freelance illustrator based in Cheltenham, UK.

Aaron studied illustration at University College Falmouth. After graduating he spent nearly a year as a pizza chef by day and illustrating by night. Without hesitation, Aaron decided to take the leap into full time freelance illustration and hasn't made a pizza ever since.

Since going freelance Aaron has been lucky enough to be involved in a vast range of creative projects with a definitive individual style that encompasses multiple genres.Aaron's understanding of color theory coupled with his imaginative concepts are the indispensable skills that make him such a solid illustrative talent.

His clients include the likes of Saatchi and Saatchi London, Scholastic, Computer Arts Magazine, Computer Arts Projects, 24/7 Magazine and The Renmen Project.

Matt Taylor is a freelance illustrator based in Cheltenham, UK.

Matt lives a stones throw from the sea, and can often be found travelling by bicycle, drawing, photographing things, looking at waves and making marks on paper. He is influenced by comic books, found photos, wildlife, wild music, National Geographic magazine, Jack Kirby and artists too numerous to mention

Matt is the founder and writer of the design blog, OneThing&Another. He is currently at work on an illustration journal and a comic book about cowboys on the moon. Both the journal and comic book will see publication later in 2010.

Ben Mounsey works freelance in both the animation and illustration industries.

Ben's work spans multiple genres and varies from print media to design for animation. He creates character designs, backgrounds and props, animation, advertising, designs for web, children’s books and editorial. Ben's flexibility shows in his varied portfolio.

Robin Boyden lives in Cheltenham, UK and works as a freelance illustrator and animator.

Robin studied illustration in Cornwall at University College Falmouth and graduated in 2007 with first class honors.

Alongside his own freelance career, he also guest tutors at universities and is the founder of the Paperfox Press art collaborative.

His clients include The Guardian, Cartoon Network, The Association of Illustrators, John Brown Publishing, Subvert Magazine and many others.


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