David Lund: Technical Illustrator and Fine Artist on Facebook

Technical illustration is an admirable skill and yet it seems to be one of the most underappreciated aspects of illustration in our industry. It’s not often you’ll see a technical illustrator featured on a site like Illustration Pages. This is quite unfortunate because technical illustration is such an interesting and elaborate form of art. Taking complex ideas and simplifying them pictorially isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t a skill possessed by numerous artists. When it’s done right the final piece not only communicates its intended message but can often be a beautiful work of art.

David Lund executes his technical illustrations with beauty and precision. He undoubtedly knows how to do it right. David’s technical art can stand on its own - more than suitable for framing – to be hung on the wall and enjoyed not only for its technical merit but also for its sheer splendor.

However, there are multiple facets to this skillful artist. David’s talent as an artist reaches beyond technical illustrations. His fine art paintings are captivating and fascinating. His renderings of architecture are amazing. His art speaks for itself.

As with so many artists featured on this site, discovering someone like David Lund is one of the things that make writing for Illustration Pages so enjoyable. After you’ve jumped over to follow David’s Facebook page come back and discover other incredible artists by thumbing through the IP site.


  1. As David's daughter, I can't tell you how wonderful this write-up is. He is truly one of the better talents today, and this recognition of his work is not only well deserved but also well written.

    Thank you for honoring my Dad's work, I am so very proud of him. This is really wonderful.

    Sarah Lund
    Ellensburg, Washington

  2. Thank you so very much for your very kind words
    and featuring my work on the IP blog site.
    I appreciate it very much----D.Lund

  3. It was our pleasure. Your work is absolutely beautiful.


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